Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

As if I care

Wednesday's baseball game was against noted conference and school district arch-rival (and nationally ranked) Rancho Bernardo. Their newest assistant coach is a 1999 Poway graduate, he played center field for us. Naturally, I have to mess with him for turning coats and joining the "hated enemy". So in the pregame introductions, when I read off the opposing assistant coaches, I used Benedict Arnold instead of his real name.

I find out [yesterday] that RB's head coach took exception to that. He called it "unprofessional". I call his opinion "missing a sense of humor." It was quick, it was subtle, it required a degree of literacy, and it wasn't malicious. (Oh yeah, it was also funny.) Acting in a professional capacity, I don't joke about people I don't like.

I also don't worry about pleasing people I don't work for.

Poway managed to eke one out against Vista. Vista, as usual, manufactured four runs. They put the ball in play, they ran the bases aggressively, they broke a 2-2 tie in the fifth inning and took a lead. On the other hand, we got one run in the sixth, then were down at two outs in the bottom of the seventh, and our second baseman, whose 0-15 performance since March 22nd led him to change his uniform number prior to the game, got another hit (he was 2-4 on the day.) Our third baseman drove the first pitch he saw onto the football field. There's our dramatic finish for the month. I just hope they don't get used to that, and do a better job of scoring runs early, 'cause that trick isn't going to work too often.

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