Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

I need a new baseball scorebook

... I filled my last one with Wednesday's game.

Sportmart is sold out, and has been for over a month. I find out on my next stop yesterday that Sports Authority is also sold out. I ask the SA sales droid, "What the hell is there, a printing strike?" and explain about Sportmart. He suggests it might be a supply problem, as both chains are merging operations. Sportmart (which was bought out a couple years ago by Gart's, who also bought Oshman's) got bought out by SA, and all those stores will be SAs, probably by year's end. Go figure, their online stores, while appearing somewhat different, all have the exact same inventory when you search for things. None of which consists of a good baseball scorebook.

Ah yes, that conglomerate appears to now include the "Dick's" chain, too. Hopefully they won't rename them, as I think there's a healthy element about commercial institutions with the word DICK'S hung in 10-foot neon letters from the building facade. The other sporting goods retailers I could think of do not have online sales presences, which is rather annoying.

I did find the publisher's site for my currently-preferred baseball scorebook, but they want 50% more per item than I had been paying at Sportmart.

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