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Arianna Huffington gave a speech last week at the National Voice Summit in Washington. It is really wonderful, inspiring, and exactly what needs to be said and done right now. She's quite right, the right wing clowns in power have perverted so much language beyond recognition--responsibility, morality, compassion, honesty--it needs to be taken back.

I would love to see candidates start confronting sitting Republicans and their allies on this. You talk about honesty, here's what honesty really is. Compassion? Let me really show you compassion. Stop playing defense, stop running away, turn into that torpedo. Make these points the core of the offense, and don't ever let up. Dismiss and ignore the bullshit, and just keep coming.

"... 11 years ago, when I was still a Republican -- and let's not forget Dennis Miller was still a liberal, and still funny."


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