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Most radio stations suck these days. I like KGB, but they're really just classic rock. They don't play much new, unless it's by an old band. To catch new rock music, you have to listen to XHTS or KIOZ. Both have a lot of crap mixed into their playlists, so I usually can't stand them for long. On occasion, I will hear a song I like, either in the car or in the background at a store. If it's back-announced (most likely not) I'm not around to hear it.

I finally had one of those songs identified tonight, when one of the airband acts was a solo girl doing Evanescence's "Going Under". I like that song too, but the one that really caught me was "Bring Me to Life", off the same album. (Hearing the one song matched a band to a voice and connected the one song to the other.) The lead singer has a beautiful voice, with a gentle quality that's still present when she turns loud, urgent, or angry. It's a marvelous match mated with the hard-edged guitar rock they back her up with. The piano intro and coda to the song, with the strings that pop up throughout are just killer. I'll probably be abusing this for a couple of weeks.

I go home to help the folks move on Thursday. I'm going to take the video camera on the plane with me. God willing I can get one more clear-sky approach to runway 27R at O'Hare, passing over the house.

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