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COPS in Poway

Wow, a little excitement in my life for a change. I get out of the shower around 11:30 this morning to the sound of someone banging loudly on a door. Not my door, mind you--while it was coming from inside the structure of my house, there wasn't the attendant rattling of the metal knocker. And FedEx doesn't knock that hard. Had to be one of the neighbors. I'm naked and dripping wet, so I'm not about to go look out the window yet. The sound of screaming a couple of minutes later changes all that. It turns out it was the sheriff's department arresting my neighbor's daughter. For what, I have no idea. But she certainly didn't want to go. They weren't being rough with her, she was bitching about how tight the cuffs were, and apparently she lost an earring in the scuffle inside the house. It wasn't anything to merit dragging the video camera out.

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