Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Odd dreams

Another in a long, lifetime series...

Do not ask me how my mind puts things together like this, but I was assigned to work with Will and Toby on the State of the Union address. And we were running late. (Go figure, nothings on time if I'm involved.) And I think we were writing in DCL.

This is just too logical a dream. The part about me being assigned to the State of the Union aside, if I were a character on The West Wing, and such an absurd thing did come to pass, that's exactly who I would be working with. Dreams are usually much more surrealistic. In a dream, I should have been working with, like, Debbie Fiderer and Kenny (Joey Lucas' sign language interpreter.) Other people who would make no sense on that task.

I went looking for an a more authoritative record than my own memory of JMS's story of being told by folks at NASA and JPL that they draw inspiration from fiction like Babylon 5. Along the way, I discovered that Bruce Boxleitner, like Michael O'Hare before him, is also a Chicago native. I still haven't found my reference.

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