Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

The Titles Of Projects

JMS has confirmed the initials of the new Babylon 5 to be "TMoS". He's also confirmed that it is not "a novel, or a short story, a comic, an animated series, a radio drama or a stage play." That leaves open a television movie, mini-series, full series, or a theatrical film. He does confirm that "it's pretty cool." He has not disappointed yet, so I will take him at his word.

There has been much speculation about what those initials mean, and Joe confirms that one person has guessed correctly. The list of pre-confirmation guesses is on the newsgroup. My honest belief is that "The Memory of Shadows" is most likely the correct answer, followed closely by "The Myth of Shadows". My favorites are "The Minbari of Steel", "Twenty Minbari Order Sandwiches", and "The Mollari of Spoo".

Joe also has a new short story available on Amazon (for free.)

Looking over discussions on the moderated group, someone suggested that Bruce Boxleitner is perfect for a role on "The West Wing", and acknowledged that Gary Cole is equally well-qualified for the role he won (Vice President Russell.) I agree, but given the choice, I would first want to see Andreas or Peter. I think they deserve some time in the mainstream spotlight. People outside science fiction ought to see those guys front and center using the full depth of their talents. (Gary ("Midnight Caller") and Bruce ("Bring 'Em Back Alive, Agent Scarecrow!") have both starred on prime time television before.) It's a pity Aaron Sorkin's left the show. Could you imagine putting Andreas on screen performing a Sorkin script? Jeeeeeesus...

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