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Top Ten Commandments of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs

10. Blessed Is He Who Does Vomit Upon Gumby At A Sushi Bar
9. Blessed Is He Who Does Smite Gentiles With A Nativity Scene
8. The Holy SHall Fornicate With Sea Monkeys WHile Yodeling
7. O Come, Let Us Wipe THine Ass With The Sword Of The Lord During The Holy Days
6. Be Not Afraid To Take Advantage Of The Lambs Of God TO Impress Girls
5. Thou Shall Laugh At Wayward Sheep While In The Lord's House
4. He Who Loves God Shall Not Set Ablaze The Book Of Mormon While Praising The Lord
3. Thou Shall Swear At Mormon Tabernacle Choir While Praising The Lord!
2. O Come, Let Us Cower Before A Jesus Night Light On The Sabbath
1. He Who Loves God Shall Honor Amway Salesmen In A Brothel Room

Ressurect Top Ten Commandments

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