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Another Day On The Path To Riggs-dom

Ultimately, I'd like to be able to pull that stunt that Mel Gibson's character does on the range in the first "Lethal Weapon"... runs a target all the way to the far end of the range, and turns Roger's (Danny Glover) single bulls-eye head shot into a smiley face.

I'm still a long way off, but out of a hundred shots at 10 yards, 52 through the 10-ring and 46 through the 9-ring is a marked improvement. (Glock 17, using a two-handed grip for those scoring at home. Or even if you're alone, come to think of it...)

The third most valuable thing to wear at a shooting range, next to ear and eye protection: a hat with a brim. Every time there's someone on the lane next to me, there's a hail of ejected brass flying over the partition. The hat brim keeps it from hitting me in the face.

God, was tonight's NCAA championship boring. As much as I wanted to want to watch it, I finally gave up and went back to the Chasing Amy Criterion Collection DVD I picked up for $15 at Fry's today.

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