Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Comings and goings on the home front

It's Thursday, time to check the Northbrook Star for what's going on in the 'hood. North hired Paul Vignocchi as the new head boys' soccer coach. Paul was three years behind me, he's the first of any of my contemporaries to get a coaching gig there. It's funny, he replaces the (retiring?) coach who took over Paul's senior year.

The article on last week's basketball game wasn't particularly notable for its game coverage as for its personnel... it quotes Niles North's head coach, who isn't Mike Nekritz anymore. I missed the news last spring that Nekritz stepped down after eight years running that program. He's one of our graduates, whose first high school coaching gig was running our sophomores my senior year while finishing his master's degree at Northwestern. He's a good guy, and was very successful that year. It's disappointing that his time in Skokie wasn't quite as bright, at least as far as records go.

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