Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

This is comedy. It reads like something I would've written at the last minute on a topic I knew nothing about. I really need to find that ridiculous Romeo And Juliet paper I wrote for freshman English...

I think I got Joe Tidwell (one of my basketball players) in mild trouble last night. He's been bugging me for a copy of the ridiculous picture I took of him at cross-country practice in October. It's a CC team tradition to wear something goofy the last day of practice, and Joe pulled out one of his brother Josh's wrestling singlet. (It's ridiculous because Joe doesn't play the intimidating musclebound thug role well. He has too pleasant a personality for it.) I finally printed it last night, and figured it made more sense to give it to his parents than to Joe, who was getting ready for last night's game, and might accidentally misplace it. I find out later that they had no idea he'd even done this, and his dad's probably mildly upset about wearing something so immodest without good cause. I think his mom thought it was funny...

Basketball won soundly last night, which was a good change of pace. We'd beaten Rancho Buena Vista twice, but only by one and three points, and really, they're not that good. We also had lost three straight home games. I haven't looked at the paper yet, so I'm not sure of the standings. I think if we win both games next week (Torrey Pines and Rancho Bernardo, which would be possible but hard) we could still win the league, at least in a tie.

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