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Plates and people from home

I've updated my license plates page. The creepy Hillary Duff guy and the Canyonero! are there.

I ran to Tower Records in La Jolla yesterday. In the aisle I parked in, there were three cars with Illinois license plates. If I have the time, I try to look at the windshields for municipal license stickers, to see how close to home they're from. The two Toyotas were registered in Skokie and Highland Park. But the black Cadillac bore a Northbrook sticker:

That's the second one I've ever seen here, the first being on an older car seen parked in a med school lot at UCSD, and belonging to someone that was on Orchesis with my sister Nicole. (Perhaps this was one of her parents visiting?) I took the picture from this angle to get the village sticker (celebrating Glenbrook North's 50th anniversary) with a landmark reference, in this case the Mormon Temple just across I-5. (Having the shopping center sign there doesn't hurt either.)

Oddly, the sticker number is P 5049. I don't remember if the license plate had the 251 sequence on it or not.

I walked around the center a little bit to see if I recognized anyone, but I didn't. Either they weren't people I knew, or they were in the movie theater.

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