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*laugh* Somebody asked the two actors to autograph a photoshopped image of them as Merry and Pippen getting freaky with each other.

I'm not usually one for the interview and quiz memes that pass around LiveJournal, but occasionally they make me think about things about myself. This one's on the high school years, I'll keep an eye out for a collegiate one. (This came to me via ryanbyers)

The school and year you graduated? Glenbrook North 1992

Nickname in high school? "Linky", a shortened form of a common rushed mispronounciation of my last name. "Lindquist" became "Linkwist" became--there you go. A few people still use it, but only because they first saw it as the username in my e-mail address, which I chose freshman year of college because it was something fairly specific that someone who might try to find me would use. ("Jason" corresponds to far too many people.) Since most of my friends are fellow computing geeks, our identies are fairly closely tied with the most popular means of reaching us.

Sport you were into Baseball. I kept statistics for basketball as well, and followed hockey as best my time allowed, but baseball was the sport I tried to play. I never made it, never even came close, but that's where my effort went.

Had a circle of friends? No. I can't say I had more than a few friends. I had almost no social life outside my teams. This is mostly my fault, for expending too much time and effort trying to make friends of my teammates instead of other people I was friendly with, and being too stubborn to notice and accept when it wasn't working.

Best subject Science and Social Studies, I think. In those I did fairly consistent B-to-A work.

Worst subject Math. I'm good at it, but my effort slacked, and I got a couple of C's along the way, and B's that should have easily been A's. I definitely underperformed.

A teacher you owe life lessons to
Stu Snow, my baseball coach, who helped me examine my words, feelings, and strengths and use that to finally feel comfortable in my own skin. (And lest someone get the wrong idea, that shouldn't be read as a reference to the circumstances under which he eventually left the school. That came as a complete disappointing surprise to me when I learned of it in the news.)
Brian James and John Leonard, my basketball coaches, for the lesson in teamwork, hard work, camraderie, community, grace in winning, and perspective in losing.
Richard Rosholt, AP US History, for putting civics and Constitutional government itno a shape that would stick inside my head. And for putting up with my sense of humor extending into my assignments, without which it woudln't have been fun, and I wouldn't have learned it. I still know what the Alien Seduction and Sedition acts are because of the gag ID cards I wrote. Someday after Roz retires, I'll post them. Until then, he still gives those ID assignments, so I'll not provide material to plagiarize.

Describe in one word...
Freshman year: Bewilderment
Sophomore: Disappointment
Junior: Arrival
Senior: Pride

Your best friend was 8000 miles away in India. Kumar moved in 6th grade. Then Fred transferred to IMSA sophomore year. Steve Mengarelli and I were vastly different students, so our schedule tracks had drawn us apart long ago. The personality and interest changes of adolescence scattered the rest of the crowd I ran with into junior high.

Worst friend Rusty. Fun and games are fine until the paraprofessionals start sticking their noses into things. Then you set the games aside, stand up, and tell them there's nothing going on, that your friend isn't hurting you, you're just messing with each other. You don't act like you don't even know the guy. He had a mild mean streak all along, which I should've seen. He had a measure of arrogance that was mirrored and reinforced by the debate team he had joined.
At 15, you don't have the knowledge of experience to tell you when a friendship has deteriorated, especially when your judgement is clouded by the affection you accord someone you look upon like a brother.

How was the prom? Okay. I got a few good cuts in, but still a lot of weak ground balls and popups.

Who were the prom king and queen? Don't know. Wasn't there. Went to the batting cages both years.

Any achievements? No awards, no. Some scholarship money came my way at the Awards Assembly senior year, the depth of the appreciation shown to me by my teams at the ends of the seasons, and the reaction at Senior Night in basketball when I moped up to the front of the line, nervous that one of my parents would trip on their words or say something otherwise embarassing introducing us... it showed I was doing something right, and that other people had noticed.

Were you popular? No. Well-known, yes. Well-liked, literally yes, but in the sense Willy Loman meant it, no, not beyond a limited set of circumstances.

Songs that remind you of high school? There's so many. Anything that was on the mix tapes I had in my Walkman or later played in the car those years. Many of them even remind me of specific times and places. As examples, Warren Zevon's "Boom Boom Mancini". It's on a tape I made January 22nd, 1989, freshman year, and was playing on the bus ride back from a basketball game at East Leyden HS, on the northbound Tri-State Tollway (I-294). It's at the end of side B, so I would've flipped it over at the end to get back to the Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter".
Tom Petty's "Love Is A Long Road" is driving south on Lehigh Rd through Glenview. Once every week or two I'd go cut my grandparents' lawn in Morton Grove after school, my last two years. It was a straight shot along the railroad tracks passing what was then NAS Glenview.

I'm one of those people that thinks life needs a soundtrack. Music is tied, loosely, to a lot of events and phases in my life, simply because it's what I was abusing at the time. Going through the box of old tapes to find the one with "Boom Boom Mancini" (a red-labeled Maxell UR 60) I found a lot of tapes with a lot of old memories. Not a lot of details of events... I know we won that game, but I couldn't tell you anything that specifically happened in it. It's mostly images, places, and feelings. Through those years, the tapes convey anger, speed, and loneliness. At a time in most people's lives when they embrace their friends tightly to grow and discover themselves, I felt very disconnected from the people around me. I wonder if that has a lot to do with the generally solitary nature I have now...

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