Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

I think this author was reading kim_jong_il__'s journal and treating it as fact.

I had my car in the shop Wednesday and yesterday for warranty work on a coolant leak. My rental was an Ion 2, the successor to the SL series sedan. The 2.2L 4-cylinder is definitely better than the old 1.9L's they used to use, even the upgraded ones they introduced in '95. For some strange reason, they put the battery in the trunk, next to the spare tire. There was plenty of room for it under the hood, so I don't get the reasoning. Mostly, the car is pretty nice. However, the center-mounted dashboard is still fucked-up to use, and it's still a deal-killer.

Mom and Dad sold the old house today. By the end of March, we'll be out of it. I'm going to schedule a trip home for a week or two around the closing to help clean stuff out.

At the comic shop yesterday (actually, a week ago, I just forgot to mention it then,) I see they've come up with "C.S.I." trading cards. To my shock, it is not a collectable card game. I thought this was illegal now.

A note to fellow DVD-R-burning folks out there. If you're using a Pioneer drive (including the DVR-104 also known as the Apple SuperDrive,) you might want to stay away from media that is only faintly purple. The Matrix stuff I bought from shop4tech.com has been useless. 19 discs burned, 4 were coasters, all the rest had significant numbers of errors. Disk Copy can't make image files of them, and video playback has frequent freezes and dropouts. It doesn't matter if the discs are burned at 4X or 1X. The Ritek media I started with (also bought through shop4tech) and the Fuji stuff I bought as a stopgap works like a champ.

Speaking of Pioneer/Apple DVD drives, the DVR-106 can drop-in replace the Apple drive now. Prior Pioneer releases had slightly different firmware, so iDVD wouldn't write to them unless you could find a way to write Apple firmware to them. But the current 106'es work out of the box. (Older 106es need to be updated to v1.7 of the firmware. There's a link on the iDVD 4 page at macintouch.com) Fry's had these marked down to $139, with a $30 rebate. Amazingly, they still had a boatload of them on the last day of the sale (Tuesday.) The rebate continues, but I think the shelf price rose back to $150.

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