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"These are important thinkers, and understanding them can be very useful, and it's not ever gonna happen at a four-hour seminar. When the President's got an embassy surrounded in Haiti, or a Keyhole photograph of a heavy-water reactor, or any of the fifty life-and-death matters that walk across his death every day, I don't know if he's thinking about Immanuel Kant or not. I doubt it, but if he does, I am comfortable, at least, in my certainty that he is doing his best to reach for all of it, and not just the McNuggets. Is it possible we would be willing to require any less of the person sitting in that chair? The low road? I don't think it is."
-- Josh Lyman (Brad Whitford), The West Wing, "Red Mass"

We had a brief discussion on IRC yesterday about presidential candidates. Joe felt Dean (who he thinks is idealistic, and doesn't like, but declined to go into any detail) doesn't stand a chance against Shrub in the general election. He seemed to think Clark stands a better chance. (I dismissed Clark long ago as soft on civil liberties.) The discussion of the most important qualification of a candidate split between "most likely to beat Shrub, because anything is better than shrub" versus "the best candidate, who best represents what I want to see in a leader".

I gotta tell you, after the 2000 elections, where there was nobody truly worth voting for, if it werent for "West Wing", I wonder if I'd have any faith left in this nation or political system at all. I want a candidate that I can believe in, that I can have some measure of faith in, that I think is close to honest, has a good heart, has vision, has intelligence. I want someone I can be proud to say I voted for. Someone that I may not always agree with, but who I feel I could reason with, given the chance, if they won. Someone I can respect.

Bravo has started rerunning season 4 of "West Wing", the episodes leading up to Bartlet's reelection. The character running against him, a brainless Florida governor, is obviously a Shrub prop. All the points the staff makes about how to run Bartlet's campaign, are things I want to see in reality. I want to see a candidate that good, who surrounds himself with smart, articulate advisors, who can actually contemplate what he hears and make up his own mind. I know it's TV, but it makes me think of all that could be, if only we'd get off our collective asses and demand it.

On the other hand, if we reelect Shrub, we will be well and truly fucking ourselves. And we will deserve it, whatever we get as a result. If we follow him with 8 years of Cheney, or Ashcroft, or whichever other right-wing demagogue steps up next, and they continue to unravel the republic the way this cockknocker has, and we let it happen, then it was just not meant to survive. I'll be very saddened, if it comes to that.

No, not everyone on LJ is depressed. I'm not. I'm quite well, thankyouverymuch.

It looks like the case for my MythTV box will finally show up tomorrow. Plus, the new iLife package hits the stores. I really want to mess around with the new iMovie and iDVD, and give this GarageBand thing a whirl. Never mind, I gotta finish Omar's version of the basketball stat scripts, and work our games tomorrow night. I'm definitely bringing the iBook to the games, with a whole girls' varsity game sandwiched between mine, at a road site (Valley Center HS) an hour's bus ride away, in the middle of fucking nowhere (farms for miles and miles around.)


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