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UPS, on time for once

Who would've thought? My estimated delivery date was Friday, and sure enough, by late Friday all my stuff was here.

I finally cleared a bunch of stuff out of my closet back home in Northbrook and shipped it out to the house in Poway. Mom's been after me to set it aside for about a year, but it hadn't been done because I hadn't had the time to both separate and pack and ship it. Trusting the folks to ship things nowadays isn't a good idea, they never get around to it. Even if you pack and label it yourself. Anyhow, the stuff's all random... Legos, photos, baseball cards, toys, games, whatever. I left a note on the door for the UPS driver to just "stack it all up on the sidewalk", rather than jumping the patio fence. Sure enough, the front door was blocked up to my waist with boxes. :-) (I almost never use that door, coming and going through the garage instead.)

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