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Oops. Apple fucked up.

Original 3G iPods: 15G for $299, 20G for $399, 40G for $499.

New mini iPods: 4G for $249.

Unless I were really hung up on the aluminum case or the slightly-but-not-significantly-smaller size, why would I pay $250 for a mini, when for 20% more (as long as I'm spending that much money) I can get nearly four times as much storage? The mini does not have enough benefit over the originals to merit that price. Apple would have been far wiser to chase the lower end of the market, in the $100-150 range. This is like OS licensing... it's not going to grow market share for the platform, it's just going to split the existing market. If Apple couldn't do the minis for under $150, they should've shelved/refined it 'till they could.

I can't tell you how many people I've met who agree what a bitchin' piece of hardware the iPod is, but they just can't justify spending that much money on an MP3 player, when they can get by just fine with a cheaper, often smaller competitor. They see resyncing different playlists with it as a small price to pay for affordability.

This is doubly frustrating as the rumor mill for the last month has said the minis would be down near $100. It would be a different story if the larger units fell dramatically in price, but they haven't. The low-end unit just got bumped from 10G to 15G, for the same price.

The G5 XServe and XServe RAID update were expected. The iLife rev looks pretty cool. I don't know that I'll have much use for it (maybe producing concession stand/next-game annoucements for baseball?) but the new GarageBand app looks neat. (I suspect this is a revised/repackaged version of something Apple acquired recently, but I'm not certain.) iTunes is already available for free download. iMovie looks a bit more powerful than it was. Less reason for people to buy Final Cut {Pro|Express} that really don't need to spend that much for simple needs. Looks like some peformance boosts in some of the effects rendering happened too.

I'll probably shell out the $50 for the new version just for the improvements to iDVD. I think what they've done for menu creation (matching second-level themes; using photos and movies as buttons, something people have been asking for since the start; insertion auto-play) is fantastic, the map view looks very useful, but the real killer is they brought in the encoding engine from DVD Studio Pro. It seemed weak to me that you only got an hour's worth of material per DVD recorded at a constant (though high) bit rate. The two hours they advertise is a big win. Too many things I can think of that I've shot on an analog camcorder ran within the 1-2 hour range. I'm also very happy to see they've given it the ability to write an image file (the "Save To Archive" option.) I might want to set up a bunch of projects, and then start burning them later. Or, if I were using this professionally, I'd like to have single monolithic files to stash on pullout archive hard drives. Or I might rather do my burning on a cheap PC so I can keep on using my Mac without worrying I'm gonna fuck up the burn. (OS X's multitasking is a vast improvement over Systems 6 through 9, but even if it's just Disk Copy doing the burns, the finished disk verifies on the Mac but is unreadable in the DVD player if I'm doing anything else on the system, even leaving Netscrape open in the background.)

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