Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Nifty, nifty shit...

I'm late to the Panther bandwagon, as the early reports on 10.3.0 were too bug-laden (indeed, I'm still not on it, as I still haven't found time to sit down, install it, and update it to 10.3.2.) But I found this report on the new DVD player app. It's about time, this just went from "usable toy" to "functional product". S/PDIF audio output, closed captions, very configurable handling of previously-played discs, and very nice use of multiple displays. Personally, I think this is all overdue, but perhaps Apple didn't have the manpower on this app to G3T IT R1TE previously. I would agree with the argument that other apps like the personal productivity tools (iCal, Address Book) and the connectivity tools (Safari, Airport operations) needed refining first.

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