Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist


I'm trying to clear stuff off the TiVo before I go home for Christmas, so I've been watching some of the Little League World Series games recorded while I was in Pennsylvania. The second US semifinal was a close extra-inning game between Saugus, MA and Richmond, TX. The game ended with Saugus winning on a slow-roller single up the third-base line. Cody Robinson at third didn't have the runner going home, so he threw to first (with two out, any runner crossing the plate doesn't count if the batter doesn't reach first safely.)

At the time, the play looked incredibly close. Where I was sitting beyond the right-field fence, I couldn't be sure whether or not the throw beat the batter. The umpire called David Ferreira safe, so Dario Pizzano's run counted and the game ended. Finally getting to watch it on the TiVo, with slow-motion and frame-advance playback, it's clear the throw enters Garrett Staudt's glove six frames (0.2 seconds) before the batter steps on first. Ferreira was out, and that game should've gone another inning. But the play was so close, I'm not sure you can expect an umpire to get that right. But that's baseball...

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