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Good use for digital cable

Cox picked up a lot of the local broadcast radio stations today and started playing them over digital cable channels in the 900 range, above the satellite-fed digital music channels they've been offering. They were offering a lot of these stations as straight broadcast-band FM over cable 'till this month, which I didn't know 'till notice went out about this change. It's pretty nice... Poway is an old extinct volcano crater (or so I'm told,) so some of the local stations don't get into the valley so well, including KGB-FM. It now comes in clear as a bell, and even more frightingly, is now TiVo-able. The TiVo knows that there are radio stations here, but not specifically what stations they are, nor their schedules. Asking Tribune to carry radio station schedules is probably asking too much, so setting a season pass for Dave, Shelley, & Chainsaw would have to be a manual affair.

Unfortunately, Comcast is not doing the same thing with Chicago radio stations. If it were, I would give serious thought to paying my parents to get it, and stashing a Shuttle PC in a closet to stream it out here.

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