Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Martian Death Flu, Day 7

I'm almost back to normal, seven days after what seemed to be post-turkey fatigue...

There's tryptophan in turkey meat, which is a natural mild sedative. Go figure. Except Friday, I woke up congested, weak, and overwhelmed. I took it easy most of the day, took a Sudafed and a couple of Advil, and headed out for my football game. I felt pretty strong when we got there, but by the time it was over I couldn't wait to get back home to bed. Fallbrook is an hour away by bus, and the ride back was perhaps the longest hour in recent memory.

The game, incidentally, saw us get our asses kicked 49-6. In addition to the five or six players absent because they couldn't be bothered to change their vacation plans, four didn't dress because they blew off practice that week. That response was long overdue. I have questions about how committed some of the remaining seniors were... Fallbrook got a few long breakaway runs I think should've been stopped sooner. (Say, before the goal line?) We were outmatched, but I do think our JV callups and junior class subs played as well as you could've asked them to.

Friday night was pure agony. I was cold when I got home, so I just exchanged my slacks for sweats and dove into bed (button-down shirt, hooded sweatshirt, and socks intact.) This wasn't very bright. Before long, I was hotter than hell. Ditching the clothes and the comforter solved the heat problem, but not the cough or the congestion or the 102.8° fever or the general achiness. I got maybe a couple of hours of sleep, scattered between 3:30 and 9am. The rest was very unpleasant aching and tossing and borderline-delirious thoughts about the heat and dealing with it that really made no sense at all.

I got dressed Saturday morning and drove over to school to drop off a transformer they needed to run the gym scoreboard. Back to bed. Saturday night wasn't as bad as Friday, but it still wasn't pleasant, and I didn't get any more sleep. Sunday was marginally better, but my plan of cleaning house from stem to stern was shot to hell. I'm praying for either sleep or death at this point.

It occurred to me Sunday night that I hadn't tried NyQuil. Everyone says it knocks you on your ass. I got another two hours of sleep or so that night. So much for the Big Fucking Q. I felt better Monday. Oops, not that much better. I got to my season-opener basketball games. By the third quarter of the JV game, I wanted to be back home in bed, never mind the varsity game. By the time I did get there, I was tired enough I thought I'd sleep. One Rolaids later to settle a mildly upset stomach, and I did relax enough to crash for the night. (I'm guessing it wasn't a good idea to put away a Campbell's "Soup In Hand" (their sippable microwave soup offering) lying in bed and then try to sleep straightaway.)

I was better Tuesday, enough to stay out of bed, but not to go anywhere. That worked well, as I've had so many projects and obligations pile up, and the house has become such a mess... when things get this bad, I feel overwhelmed. When I get overwhelmed, I get depressed. Cleaning the master bedroom and the living room made Tuesday a good "me" day, it makes me able to do things for other people again. It's something I discovered while I was still working at Qualcomm. On a couple of occasions I did call in sick for just this sort of "personal sanity day".

Today, I'm still a little off, but it's more than manageable. Anything physical seemed a bad idea, so I skipped baseball (and I'll probably skip karate again tomorrow) but I can get out and Get Stuff Done. It's been a long time since something has knocked me on my ass this long, and hopefully a long time before it happens again...

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