Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Surprises, surprises...

The Poway mom that keeps forwarding urban legends in e-mail finally got one right today.

My Caller ID daemon is finally functional. It backgrounds and detaches, inits the modem, waits for data, decodes it, syslogs it, forks a child process, and goes back to sleep. The child process will eventually handle notification via the LED signs in the house, something my IRC client will run, and desktop notification clients. For now, it just syslogs a "Hi!" message so I know it fork()ed okay. I need to do some code cleanup (I use way too many strlen()s on static strings) and add comments and copyright notices before it's ready for release.

I had a good weekend in Palm Springs. The 13-and-under travel baseball team I keep a book for played in a tournament up there. Their talent level is good, but they have problems with focus and intensity. I think that message finally started to get through Saturday night in the talk after they lost their first game. They were outstanding in their second game, which they won. But it slipped a bit in their third game Sunday morning, which they lost pretty badly.

13 is a difficult transition age in baseball. The field dimensions grow, the level of play improves and players have to adjust to thinking for themselves more often, instead of just blindly following coaches' directions. It's more mentally stressful than it was before. Some of these kids need to grow into leadership roles, as we know that at this age, the influences of peers increase and adults decrease.

Driving home last night was a near-nightmare. My allergies started going to hell in a handbasket while I was browsing around the outlet mall along I-10. (No place inside sold drugs.) The Dimetapps I had in the car apparently expired, as the one I took had no effect. CA-60 was backed up, and I spent nearly 15 minutes in view of the exit I needed before I finally reached it. The Walgreens on the corner there had not only moved its 4-hour Sudafeds into the pharmacy (a means of stemming sales to people running methamphetamine labs) but now its 12-hour packages as well. Thus, at 8pm on a Sunday night, I encountered a Walgreens that had no interest in selling me the FUCKING DRUGS I LEGALLY NEEDED.

The Sav-On (Osco) across the street had them out on the shelves. (The 4-hour tabs too, incidentally.) Walgreens corporate will hear about this.

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