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I got the Motorola Syntor X mobile reprogrammed right on the first try. It's tuned for the three 2-meter Palomar ARC repeaters, the ARES repeater, the Poway repeater, 146.52 MHz simplex, the 146.565 foxhunt frequency, and the 150 MHz business band channel Poway High security uses. The operator-select PL tone programming is mostly right. The selectable transmit PL works, but the selectable receive PL does not, I'm not sure why yet, I need to do a little more research. But I now have a functional 2-meter base station for the house. The Syntors are big heavy beasts, state-of-the-art 1980s technology meant for mounting in the trunk of a Crown Vic, Caprice Classic, or Diplomat. There's some folks that have created a computer control unit for them to make them as flexible and agile as the Kenwood in my car.

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