Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

The fires continue to burn in the backcountry. They're making a stand for Julian right now.

They canceled all high school sports events this week. This is a good idea, but it sucks. It'll be a few years before we have Halloween on a football Friday again. Dunno if there's any point in dressing up Friday, as there won't be anywhere to go. *shrug*

Since I pulled the hardware out of the closet to pull hard drives, and took the G4 desktop out completely, today was a good time to clear out the closet, tidy cables, and swap the G3 and G4 CPUs. I also shuffled the network hardware around a bit, so the DSL modem isn't precariously balanced atop two USB hubs anymore. The DSL and analog modems are also on the UPS with b5, so it should remain reachable during temporary power failures. (I still need to get the damned UPS daemon running...)

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