Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Fire, day 2

Updated photos

Compare yesterday:


The fires in Poway are out, also in neighborhoods of the city of San Diego. There's some "after" photos here taken from the same places as photos last night. Fires still burn in the east county and deep rural north county. Parts of Ramona have just been evacuated, as well as part of Julian. I-8 and CA-94 close and reopen sporadically as the fire spreads out east. It also spreads north into Valley Center. The shelter at Ramona HS and its neighboring junior high was evacuated to Julian HS; with the evacs in Julian, that shelter may evacuate to Borrego Springs, or possibly back to Ramona. It is at least a half-hour's drive between each set of points there. Julian has no power, and thus cannot cook food nor get gas pumped into cars. The Julian HS shelter has about 300 people. The shelter at Mountain Empire HS is over 750 and looks to be blossoming to 1500. I haven't heard a headcount at the Mira Mesa HS shelter housing a lot of Scripps Ranch and Tierrasanta (SD neighborhoods) residents, but that should drop dramatically as all of Tierrasanta and most of Scripps Ranch have been reopened.

I still have my things packed to leave on short notice, just in case. While the Poway fires are out, there have been a couple of cases where an area that was burned once catches fire again. The winds have been favorably calm in Poway and Scripps Ranch today, unlike the daytime bluster we had yesterday. We could get right back to that again tomorrow for all anyone knows. But I still think I won't have any problems.

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