Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Rome is Burning

There are at least four major wildfires burning in San Diego County, fueled by dry conditions and Santa Ana winds.

Declan's pictures


My photos are shot from my bedroom windows, facing southeast and south. I-15 is closed between CA-56 and CA-52, through MCAS Miramar, the eastern half of which is on fire. Pomerado Road south of Scripps Poway Parkway is closed, as is Scripps Poway east of the South Poway Business Park. Parts of CA-52 and CA-67 are closed. Poway Rd east of Espola is closed. I cannot leave Poway to the south or east.

The fire has jumped I-15, ten lanes wide with a wide median. The NBC affiliate had a camera at Miramar watching a line of fire. The flames were nearly horizontal. The fire was spreading, as you watched, by about five yards per second. Humidity ranges from 8% to 42%. Fire crews and equipment are spread thin--several aircraft are down for maintenance, and several more were sent to Rancho Cucamonga to fight the major fire up there.

I have five days' worth of clean clothes and toiletries packed in the car, as well as critical legal paperwork and valuables in the car. I don't think central Poway is threatened, but in case I'm wrong, I'm ready to go at a moment's notice. I'll be leaving shortly to top off my gas tank and pick up some more videotapes. (I packed the camcorder too.) I'm copying my /home partition on b5 to an external SCSI disk that I can take with me. I'll be shutting down the other desktop systems shortly to pull their hard disks. b5 will stay up as long as the power does.

As soon as I leave, I'll set my house phone to forward to my cell, in case anybody needs to find me.

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