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I spent this afternoon doing an end-run around Verizon's Get It Now mechanism. See, while my new phone supports custom ringers and background graphics, Verizon wants you to buy those items from them. So they disabled the mechanisms in the web browser and the text message client to receive them.

Motorola's PST is running around the Internet. It doesn't let you walk around the embedded filesystem on the phone, but it will do backups and restores of the user graphics and ringtones. Another tool called EMS Manager lets you manipulate that backup file. Both tools are here.

I have to laugh, Moto's PST uses a hardware dongle. Naturally, it's been patched out. Folks In The Know recall that one of my tasks at Qualcomm was to put that same kind of copy protection into our support tools. I never believed it would withstand more than a mediocre attempt to disable it. (Indeed, one of my cow-orkers killed it with SoftICE inside five minutes, since he got impatient waiting for the Right People to deliver him a dongle.) It seems that not only are the old Qualcomm/Kyocera tools running around, someone also came up with a tool to crack the service programming code.

I added three ringer effects, which I've put up for general abuse. All three are sampled SMAF files. The Motorola phones require the .mid extension. Some others (I believe Samsung and LG) which also use the Yamaha sound chip that supports SMAF need that extension changed to .mmf. I'm using:
Holy Grail "Message for you, sir!" - Voice/text message notification
Star Trek red alert siren - calls from my basketball coach
Star Trek intercom whistle - calls from the mom that runs things for Poway baseball

You're pretty limited in what you can get away with... the SMAF file can't be any larger than 16K. The Yamaha WSC-MA2-SMAF tool requires 4 kHz or 8 kHz 16-bit monaural Wave files as input.

More information can be found on the Howard Forums and Cell Phone Hacks.

Note that this method is not stealing. I paid for this phone, it's mine, it's my business to customize it how I like. It's not like Verizon's Get It Now vendors are going to make these sorts of ringers available...

The Moto PST, being the PST-type thing it is, let me get rid of that annoying "VERIZON WIRELESS" enhanced roaming indicator. I never understood why the dimwits making UI decisions thought that should obliterate the user's text banner, instead of appearing above or below it. But be warned folks, I am an experienced professional when it comes to cellphone service programming, you should not try this at home. Your carrier will not likely be sympathetic or generous if you fuck up your phone.

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