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A site about Beagle Brothers Software.

It was many months after I saw Alan Bird's name pop up around Qualcomm (while I was working there) before I remembered why it was so familiar--for most of the six years of my life that my only computer was an Apple //c, Alan was named on the startup screen of AppleWorks, which I used near-daily, as one of its authors. One of Alan's colleagues at Beagle Brothers was Morgan Davis, responsible for the ProLine BBS software that was my introduction[1] to the Internet (at least, rec.arts.startrek.) That software is now available for free download

[1] Pro-New Frontiers, Highland Park, IL, and later Pro-Harvest, which was somewhere up in Lake County if I remember right. When Pro-Harvest died, I found gagme, then a public-access UNIX system.

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