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I'm watching the Prep Pigskin Report. I think I appreciate how fucked we are next week against Rancho Buena Vista. I hate to naysay, but they're really good, and we've really not been playing well.

Kick ASS! Our quarterback got clobbered on a late hit in the fourth quarter tonight. After the play was whistled dead, one of Westview's defenders blazed in and steamrolled him. He got flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct, I thought he should've been ejected too. The PPR just showed a beautiful video clip of it, showing how that guy fucked up. (Appropriate credits to Westview's staff--their head coach used to be one of ours--they owned up and apologized on the spot.)

These Cubs games drive me nuts... the last two weeks, the scheduled starts coincide with the start of our JV football game. I figure, I'll have to multitask for the JV game and a little of the varsity. Nope. Last week they played 'till our halftime. Tonight, they ended only a few minutes before we did.

Tonight's Cubs game was on broadcast TV, so I had a TV set up with an amplified set-top antenna. Wednesday night when I tested it, it pulled in the Fox affiliate (on channel 6) just fine. Tonight, jack shit. However, the Spanish station on channel 12 came in just fine. That gave us picture, I had sound on the radio, good enough for me. What a screwy finish, but I'll take what I can get, as long as they raise the W flag.

I was worried 'till Simon hit his bomb. Then I was worried again once Florida tied it. I figured the momentum was shot. That rundown to end the game, it was ugly, but fuckit, I'll take what I can get.

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