Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Erection returns

As of 12:09 am, 2,899,869 (54.6%) vote "yes" on the recall, versus 2,413,485 (45.4%) vote "no". That's with 70.7% of precints reporting. Davis has already conceded, so it looks like this is happening.

It's interesting how the vote breaks down by county. It's "No" most of the way along the coast, from Monterey up to Humboldt and all around San Francisco Bay, plus Los Angeles. Everything else is pretty solidly "Yes". Of the "Yes" counties, only five had less than 60% in favor. Of the fourteen "No" counties, six are above 60%. San Francisco came in at 81% "No", but the city, being its own county, isn't that large compared to other area counties.

For all the people moaning about how Ahnold could possibly win with some absurdly low percentage of votes, it hasn't turned out that way. He's at 48.1% (2,498,376 votes). I'm very happy to say that the other Arnold, Gary Coleman, is finishing soundly ahead of Bill Simon, the Republican bigot/nominee from the last general election, 8,018 to 5,901.

Georgy Russell is beating Gallagher in San Francisco County 145 to 83, but smashing watermelons takes you further in Santa Clara, 214 to 165. But Gallagher still beats Bill Simon there, with his 192.

I've had people compare Ahnold as California's governor to Jesse Ventura in Minnesota. Jesse at least had articulated ideas publically long before the election. (Indeed, he'd done so long before he declared himself a candidate.) We'll see where the Total Recall takes us...

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