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I had /topic * ^B^_CUBS WIN!^_^B sitting on my IRC command line with 2 out and an 0-2 count. I hit return the instant I saw the whiff. First postseason series win since the 1908 World Series. We'll see what happens...

The scene outside of Wrigley is a huge mob of very, very happy people. They're waving 2x4s with "GOT WOOD!" written on them. They're loud, but they're peaceful. The cops are present, but nobody's getting themselves into trouble.

They fined Robert Fick. Fucking good. Fuck him. "I just tried to hit his glove." Well yeah, but at that speed, with two moving bodies, you can't expect to be that accurate, you can't be surprised when you slam into his wrist. Coulda fucked Karros up bad.

Atlanta should be very happy. The last time that city was invaded by an army of blue-clad northerners, they burned it to the ground. :-)

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