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Rampant DVD piracy, story at 11.

Cubs lost 6-4. 2 out, one on, 3-2 pitch, bottom of the 9th, Sosa crushes one, and you see him do his hop before the camera cuts away to the ball. Straight up center field, and it was caught on the warning track. Another 10 feet and that was a tie game. Ah well, tomorrow afternoon in Atlanta, here's hoping...

Reading everything2 entries like this and this tonight, they were striking a louder chord than usual. I wonder if I'm going into another phase of being annoyed/mildly depressed at being single. Not like I'm in any position to do anything about it. Though I'm SOL, Omar (see yesterday's entry) managed to find a homecoming date this year, so there's hope for present and future generations.

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