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Fuck yeah, and fuck fuck

Cubs won 3-1 last night. I didn't have time to get the TV rigged, so I just listened to it on the radio, that was good enough. A funny detail came out last night... one of our assistant principals at Poway is originally from Elmhurst, a long-time Cub fan. His nephew was responsible for Atlanta's lone RBI. We'll forgive Mr. Giles for pulling for the wrong team, just this once. :-)

My associate, Omar, looked better last night (at left) than he did a couple of weeks ago (at right.) The shirt message was completely random, even he really didn't seem to understand why he did it. But it beats getting water spilled on you.

(Omar tracks the offensive plays the coaches call, and assists the training room staff. He's also my counterpart with the girls' basketball program.)

Football... wow, did we get it up the ass last night. Bent over and asked for it good and hard, we did. Nobody is leading that team at all down on the field. There were reports of players laughing on the sidelines, down 21 points just after half. Players who should be leading, I'm told, are making things worse.

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