Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Yea, I have done it

I have the entire first season of "The West Wing" on DVD, sourced from the TiVo recordings of the Bravo repeats. Not one episode missed, not one episode garbled in recording. Each disc has two episodes and a menu to select them (though you can't actually see the menu!) It's a Good Thing in spite of the impending commercial release of the same material. It allowed me to get the hang of the process, and to script it as much as possible. I wound up writing a couple of perl scripts to set up chapter markers for me. I assembled a template for the (invisible) menus. So now I can crank out these discs very quickly, it's a grand total of about 30 minutes' work, per two-hour disc, spread over two or three hours. While video extracts, images build, or discs burn I can take care of other things.

I really ought to do the writeup on this soon.

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